User Choice

User Choice is a national policy whereby State and Territory Governments fund RTOs to provide structured training to Australian Apprentices. These funds reduce the cost of the training that an Australian Apprentice or the employer will have to pay under an Australian Apprenticeship.

The amount of funding and training available under User Choice is determined by the QLD State Government and what their priority group areas are.

Under User Choice arrangements Australian Apprentices and their employers can select the private or public training provider of their choice.

Who can deliver User Choice training?

An RTO wishing to deliver User Choice training must be registered to deliver the qualification. Civil Train QLD has a number of different training packages on scope that are registered under User Choice.

Where can I find more information on User Choice?

For more information and advice on all aspects of training and Australian Apprenticeships, contact your local Apprenticeship Network provider or call the Australian Apprenticeships referral line on 13 38 73 or your local State or Territory Training Authority.