Training On Demand
Half day – four hours
Dress Requirements
Steel capped boots
Leather or riggers gloves
PPE – long pants, long sleeved shirt


This unit covers the cutting of concrete to initiate planned cracks in road pavement operations in the civil construction industry. It includes the conduct of planning and preparing, selecting and operating a concrete saw and cleaning up.


This course is available at the Queensland Civil Industry Training Center located at 11 Hi-Tech Court, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113. It is delivered at our Townsville Center by arrangement with Civil Train. This course may be delivered o-site (prices may vary). Course times, dates and prices are subject to change at any time.

Entry Requirements
English reading, writing and speaking skills
Course Content
OH&S requirements / Risk assessment
Selection/use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
Identification of the main features cut-off machine i.e. throttle, stop switch, etc.
Explain pre / post operation checks, recommended fuel mix
Demonstrate correct starting procedures
Demonstrate correct cutting wheel selection fitment / guard adjustment (blotter for abrasive wheels, correct and matched flanges)
Identify unsafe operation conditions / kickbacks
Demonstrate correct and safe operating procedures
Concrete, pipe, steel
Course Assessment
Classroom participation
Written and verbal assessment
Practical assessment