Training On Demand
Half day – four hours
Dress Requirements
PPE - long pants, long sleeved shirt
Steel capped boots


This unit covers competence associated with the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere.

This competency applies to operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus for part of their job – because they are working in a confined space, with hazardous gases/vapours, in an anoxic atmosphere or for other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus. They may also be required to wear it in emergency situations, however this is not the prime focus of this unit, and so makes this unit different from PUAFIR207A Operate breathing apparatus open circuit, as it has no prerequisite and is much broader in its application.


This course is available at the Queensland Civil Industry Training Center located at 11 Hi-Tech Court, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113. It is delivered at our Townsville Center by arrangement with Civil Train. This course may be delivered on-site (prices may vary). Course times, dates and prices are subject to change at any time.

Entry Requirements
English reading, writing and speaking skills
Ability to carry 20kg air bottle on shoulder and back
Course Content
Develop, participate and apply skills in the safe operation of breathing apparatus
Learn how to inspect, don, operate in, remove, clean, maintain and return breathing apparatus to operational status
Understand a range of hazards including , malfunction of equipment, disorientation, structural hazards and exhaustion of air supply
On the completion of training, you will have the skills and knowledge to safely inspect, maintain and operate breathing apparatus as a normal part of your duties and in emergency situations
Course Assessment
Written and verbal assessment
Practical demonstration
Practical assessment
Classroom participation